In Talamaya we are fulfilling a lifestyle that honors the places that raised us. Melbourne mornings meet LA sunsets.‍

Steeped in wellness and sunshine, our garments are made with comfort in mind. We want the wearer to feel cocooned, wrapped, and embraced. To be one with the air, wind, sea, sun and sand.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our offering.

Our range is purposed for ease-of-wear and a relaxed fit. The natural fibres selected have been crafted with the softest of washes, all in a conscious effort to have the wearer feel a connection to the garment - to move together through the universe, gently - to allow a sense of freedom to pursue a life lived in the moment. 

Trans-seasonality is integral to Talamaya, whether you’re wearing our garments throughout the year, or crossing timelines and hemispheres. We believe that as the world gets smaller and smaller our wardrobe needs start to meld. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all criss-cross over the other. Layering becomes a lifestyle choice. I can be here... there... anywhere. 



We plant one tree for every garment sold

The Backstory

It was January 2020, and we were a month away from releasing the first ever Talamaya range. >Nobody had heard of COVID at the time (though it was only weeks away from rocking the world), yet we in the midst of another crisis in Australia: Black Summer.  The 2019-2020 bushfire season was wreaking havoc across multiple states as uncrontrollable fires ravaged the country.

Right as our business was about to be born we found ourselves facing a dilemma.

One one hand, we had spent so much time and effort trying to get our new business and debut range off the ground. We wanted to be excited.  But how can you be excited about something when so many others are feeling pain, and you're seeing damage and destruction everywhere around you?

Taking It a Step Further

Up to this point, we had made a promise to ourselves to have the fabric (pun intended) of our brand be environmentally friendly: to prioritise using organic and natural fibres whenever possible. But in January 2020, this just didn't seem like enough.

We felt we had to do more.

It was at this stage we found One Tree Planted. While the bushfires raged on, they were already making plans to start planting trees in impacted areas in Australia. It just seemed like the right fit, and something we'd like to participate in well into the future.

So we decided that for all garments sold going forward, including both direct sales and through wholesale partners, we would donate money to plant a tree on an ongoing basis.

Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to a large part of Australia’s and the world’s natural wildlife.

How We're Doing So Far

Well, just a couple of weeks after we made this decision, COVID struck, and it seemed like the world turned upside down.

And while it definitely wasn't the most favourable time to start a business, we're happy to say that we've already donated 2000 trees to be planted in Australia.

How We're Moving Forward

Do we think planting one tree for every garment is enough? Not at all.

There is definitely more we can do, and more we plan to do.

Some of the ways we are starting to improve are:

  • Focus on the longeivity of the garments we create. We want to make the go-to items in your wardrobe, that you're going to wear many times, over many years.
  • Continue making sure that our garments all hit high standards in terms of being sustainable
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate the use of harmful packaging; plastics and other waste
  • Partner with other companies (couriers, suppliers, etc.) that are carbon neutral.

We'll make sure to keep you updated as we make progress and intriduce new ideas