About Us

Spirit of Talamaya

At Talamaya, our inspiration comes from living life effortlessly and comfortably, while traveling through each day embracing the boundless beauty the world has to offer.

We imagine a world where clothing is more than just style.

When done right, the items we wear should be multi-functional: to allow us to freely move and engage in our daily acitivities and leisurely pursuits, while also providing us the comfort to take a step back into stillness and relaxation.

We feel very privileged to have the ability to interact and work with a wide variety of people starting with you, our customer, extending to our suppliers. A beautiful harmony of individuals in distant places, embracing the free flow of creativity and trust, all connected by a common product that we all hope brings a glimmer of joy and comfort to your life.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our offering.

Easy to wear. Relaxed Fit.

Our range is purposed for ease-of-wear and a relaxed fit. The natural fibres selected have been crafted with the softest of washes, all in a conscious effort to have you, the wearer feel a connection to the garment - to move together through the universe, gently - to allow a sense of freedom to pursue a life lived in the moment. 

Irresistable Fabrics

From our organic cotton essentials to our beautiful knitwear, we want to make clothing that feels great. The type of clothing that you never want to take off, and keep wearing over and over again.


Trans-seasonality is integral to Talamaya, whether you’re wearing our garments throughout the year, or crossing timelines and hemispheres.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all criss-cross over the other. Layering becomes a lifestyle choice. I can be here... there... anywhere.