4 Reasons Why You Need Feather Soft

You will always wear it!

You’ll love it for lounging. It's great to wear to brunch. You can wear it to the beach. It's an easy throw on for dinner.

(Oh, and you can sleep in some of the styles too)

Guaranteed, the softest clothing you will wear

Organic natural cotton is
handloomed into a double-gauze bubble fabric especially for Talamaya.

Each garment is finished with our special "island vintage” wash to create a feathery soft, light and breezy outfit that feels like you're wrapped in a cloud.

No more thinking about what to wear

As always, our goal is to simplify
your style and free your mind of clothing decisions.

Every piece works easily together.

We strive to make the go-to items in your wardrobe…the ones you keep going back to over and over again.

Clean & Sustainable

Your body only deserves the best.  GOTS certified cotton is the highest sustainability standard for organic cotton in the world.

It’s grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides, and also can use up to 90% LESS water than conventional cotton. 

Better for you and better for
the planet.